Karela (Bitter Melon) Amazing Health Benefits


Karela (Momordica charantia) is a bitter-melon fruit is used by many people in the world for treating many health conditions. People are using Karela’s health benefits for a long period of time. This amazing bitter-melon fruit grows well in humid and hot climates and can be mostly found in South America and Asia. Read more on Wikipedia…

Karela has become a common traditional medicine in many countries, like China, India, Asia and some southeastern part of the US. It has an extremely bitter taste. Its share resembles a bumpy cucumber.


Now, here comes the most important part: medical researchers have found that Karela’s healthy compounds were able to treat patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer!


Well, to be more exact, the main person “to blame” for this amazing discovery and the founder of the effects of this amazing fruit was Dr. Frank Shallenberger M.D. He specializes and Anti Aging treatments and Alternative Medicine at the Nevada Center of Alternative & Anti Aging Medicine.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger believes in nature’s capabilities and healing powers, and he highly recommends and advises his patients to trust nature and use natural products and substances in treating any kind of health problem or disease. He claims that this amazing fruit prevents and stops the cancer cell growth, very efficiently.

According to his research, Dr. Frank Shallenberger has found that a 5% solution of bitter melon juice can fight pancreatic cancer. Bitter melon destroys cancer cell lines by 90% and 98%.

Another study, conducted by a group of researchers at the University of Colorado, has found that the bitter melon solution showed a reduction of 64% in the size of pancreatic tumors. This research has only confirmed the benefits and powerful action of the bitter melon.

Bitter melon also plays a great part in the treatment of skin infection, diabetes symptoms, asthma, stomach problems, and hypertension.

The most important benefits of Karela

  • It is extremely useful and effective in cleansing and detoxifying the liver. It also relieves gout pain and improves your blood circulation. 
  • Karela fruit increases the stability and boosts your immune system. So, it makes your organism more resistant against infections.
  • Karela is useful in stimulating the food peristalsis. It also eases the digestion process, until the food is finally excreted through the bowel and out of the system.
  •  It is extremely useful for people who suffer from type 2 diabetes because bitter melon lowers the blood sugar and it also increases glycogen synthesis and glucose uptake in the liver, muscles and adipose tissues. 
  • Bitter melon juice is also extremely helpful in relieving the hangover. And it boosts your metabolism at the same time. It’s also very useful and beneficial for people who consume alcohol because it nourishes and cleanses the liver after alcohol consumption.
  • If you consume bitter melon juice on daily basis, it will help you relieve psoriasis and fungal infections. The most common are: Athlete’s foot and ringworms.
  • Bitter melon will also help you improve your eyesight and relive the vision problems. This is because bitter melon is loaded with beta-carotene.
  • Consume bitter melon every day, and your stamina and energy levels will be increased significantly.
  • This amazing fruit is a rich source of many healthy compounds, such as folate. This compound reduces the occurrence of neural tube defect in newborns. 

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